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Leverage the power of N-clusion

Creating the intersection of people and organizations committed to innovation, change and inclusion.

Vision:  Intersect. Innovate 

Mission: Connect.Collaborate

Goals:  Disrupt.Celebrate

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DEIBJ Executive Network 

We are creating a movement to catch the world up with the changes facing the world by connecting a network of people and organizations committed to making a difference and changing the narrative by developing innovative solutions to address business and social challenges facing our world.


We are your backend support!

GDC Consulting

​Global Diversity Collaborative (GDC) is a niche minority and women owned firm founded on the simple belief that great minds + great people = great results. ​​We are your one stop shop for diversity and inclusion from training, to learning, to networking, to branding, recruiting & consulting.


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Level Up DEIBJ Education

DEIBJ Academy

​​A recent meta-analysis of over 40 years of diversity training evaluations showed that diversity training can work, especially when it targets awareness and skill development and occurs over a significant period of time. 


Join our academy for monthly virtual courses and socratic forums!

Dr. Ben Chavis, Sherry Snipes, Ericka Dunlap



Many of you know me as a former Fortune 500 Diversity & Human Capital Executive.  I am honored to continue to impact the profession through my work as a Social Entrepreneur and invite you to join me in the journey! 
It has been ten years since I officially began the social entrepreneur journey with the Diversity Academy Awards (formerly the DANDI Awards) and I am thrilled to continue the work that I started early in my career.  I am creating a place for like-minded people to learn, share, collaborate and celebrate.  This is also a place for EVERYONE to BE an ADVOCATE for diversity and inclusion. If you don't know how and want to learn this is the place for you. 
With that said, I am truly excited to launch the GDC Network, continue to build the N-clusion Leadership Institute, continue my consulting practice and organize the 2024 Diversity Academy Awards and Socratic Executive Forum.  Stay tuned for updates as we work together to make this a world where everyone can live, work and play harmoniously.
Sherry Snipes
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