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N-clusion Leadership Institute

Leveraging the power of N-clusion

57% of employees want to prioritize diversity

Diversity isn’t just something that matters to your potential employees—current employees care about this as well! Prioritizing diversity and sharing these efforts with your employees may also be key retention strategies since 57% of employees want their company to do more to increase diversity.

A recent meta-analysis of over 40 years of diversity training evaluations showed that diversity training can work, especially when it targets awareness and skill development and occurs over a significant period of time.  The Inclusion Leadership Institute is an online bootcamp training program with live and recorded monthly sessions!

As seasoned diversity and human resource executive who has worked with Fortune 500 companies, large associations and small associations I have successfully collaborated with many organizations to shift the cultural paradigm to transform thinking by designing, launching and re-engineering all aspects of diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, supplier diversity, human resources and talent management functions!

Let me share my knowledge with you!  

I recall my first foray into diversity and inclusion when I was managing the human resources function for regional distribution centers.  My team sent those monthly diverse posters to the distribution centers and instructed the local HR manager to display the posters in the employee break room.  May was LGBT month. When that poster was displayed at the Elkart, Indiana facility… let’s just say that all you know what broke loose. We received hundreds of calls to my office from upset employees.  That was 1999 and that is when I designed my first diversity workshops for the leadership team and for all employees!


In my opinion, one thing the federal government has done well is the Federal Executive Institute, an exclusive program for leaders to prepare them for Senior Executive Service appointments.  I had the opportunity to teach the week long course entitled “Leading in a Democratic Society”. After facilitating this program and designing customized diversity leadership programs, I decided to utilize my expertise to create the N-clusion Leadership Institute.  



March 3, 2020

N-clusion Leadership Institute  

  • Online - semi-synchronous learning.

  • 24 hours of online learning

  • Weekly online courses 

  • Join the live session or take the recorded course at your own convenience!

  • Post event access to all course materials.




In Person


TRADITIONAL (IN-PERSON) - Diversity Leadership Institute

  • Three days of intensive in-person training

  • This workshop is for the people who prefer in-person learning and networking. 

  • Limited seating - 

  • November 20-22, 2019




On Site

Pick your date

ONSITE Training Workshops at Your Office

  • Bring all of your leaders /employees together at your office

  • Work together to learn and develop your organization’s strategic plan.  

  •  ½ day on-site program.

  • Class size up to 30 pp.

  • Book now and schedule at your convenience!



Isn’t  it about more than checking a box?

As our communities and workplaces become increasingly more diverse, understanding different perspectives is critical.  With the demographic shifts occurring domestically and globally, organizations and communities must ensure the culture moves beyond talk to action by removing barriers and eliminating, biases and stereotypes so everyone can thrive.

Why the N-Clusion Leadership Institute?

Inclusion focuses on ensuring everyone has a seat at the table and access to opportunities, not just one race or gender.  


You can take that statement in whatever way resonates with you. So many diversity programs, while doing great work, inadvertently exclude diverse and non-diverse segments of the population. Therefore, at the Inclusion Leadership Institute we are ensuring that EVERYONE feels welcome and accepted!

What you will learn

“How to lead inclusively in a diverse world”


This program will transform individual understanding from a thought to ownership by:


  • building leadership capacity

  • developing cultural competencies

  • raising personal and professional consciousness around issues today

  • learning how to effectively engage all team members and constituents,  and

  • understanding the business impact and opportunity of diversity and inclusion.


I know that’s a lot, but we will cover all the critical elements including:  Gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, equity, equality, metrics, engagement, supplier diversity, veterans, religion …. The business case, diversity councils, resource groups and engaging senior leaders, etc. etc. etc

Plus, we will ask for your input on future courses! So you will help drive content!

Who should attend?

I believe anyone responsible for People or Profit need to understand the dynamics of being culturally competent, whether you manage people, work with clients/members or are responsible for business development.


This program is for anyone that desires to enhance understanding of diversity and inclusion.


executives, managers, non-profit leaders, community leaders, employee resource group members, human resources and diversity professionals


About Your Facilitator

Sherry Snipes is a seasoned moderator and facilitator who has developed and conducted training workshops for over 20 years. She has been a featured speaker at conferences in the US, Austria, Great Britain, Hungary and Belgium. 


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