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Hire Me To Be YOUR Chief Diversity Officer for the Next Six Weeks!

My team and I will help you develop and create  your diversity & inclusion strategy and implementation plan over the next six weeks.

Sherry Snipes
Founder & Managing Director

Every organization doesn't have a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO),  diversity  team or big diversity budget.


Typically diversity is an add-on to your over abundance of responsibilities.

Give Us 6 Weeks And We'll Help You

  • Create your Organizational Diversity Strategic Plan

  • Understand & Leverage the Power of Inclusion for maximum organizational engagement

  • Identify where your organization should focus, so that ....

  • You can focus on what you do best (Running Your Business or Department)


My team will crunch numbers, identify best industry practices and give you information to make better decisions.

The 6 week CDO program includes

Organizational Analysis

2 Strategic Planning Sessions


2 Training Sessions

Competitive Analysis

Diversity Strategic Plan & Organizational Roadmap

GDC Consulting & Diversity  Expert, Sherry Snipes

Sherry is seasoned diversity and human resource executive, with over 20 years of experience in both corporate and nonprofit organizations. 

She has an innate ability to motivate and educate her clients in a way that enables them to identify key issues and find solutions.  Sherry was the Global head of Diversity & Inclusion for the American Institute of Architects and Global Head of Diversity & Compliance for Arrow Electronics, Inc. prior to starting Global Diversity Collaborative. 

She is passionate about partnering with business owners and working with key leaders to effectively understand their business to drive a paradigm shift.

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